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Financial Planning


Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances and designing strategies to manage all the important life transitions.


Financial Planning involves 2 important aspects:


  • Protecting yourself and your family against unforeseen situations while you are growing your assets.
  • Growing assets big enough to look after you in a life transition event.


Investment Planning

  • Investment strategies that take into account asset allocation, risk profiling, cash flow plans etc.
  • Funding major expenses such as a home, a wedding or future education etc.

Estate Planning

  • Estate planning is less about one's death, and more about the disposition of one's wealth in anticipation of death.
  • Implementing a strategy to transfer wealth according to your wishes while minimizing estate duties, taxes and expenses.



Retirement Planning

  • The traditional way of planning for retirement is now outdated and ineffective.
  • Circumstances are redefining what it means to retire.
  • We help our clients prepare for retirement that is on purpose.

Pension and Provident Fund Preservation


  • Whether you resign, get retrenched, take a voluntary package, or your employer's pension or provident fund is dissolved, you face the problem of having to decide what to do with the pension or provident fund benefit amount
  • We provide assistance in helping you decide what to do with the money saved in your pension / provident fund.
  • We provide assistance in helping you decide what to do with the life cover and disability benefits in your pension / provident fund.


Tax Planning and Preparation


  • We provide a value added, compliant, professional tax service that makes a difference.
  • We take over your tax related issues, ensuring your peace of mind.

Investments and Savings Products

    • Preservation Funds
    • Retirement Annuities
    • Living Annuities
    • Single Premium Investments
    • Endowments
    • Income and Annuity Plans
    • Unit Trusts
    • Shariah Compliant Investments

Life & Disability Cover Risk Products

  • Life cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Dread Disease Cover


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